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Business Intelligence – smart IT solutions even for small to medium business owners

Business Intelligence gives everyone in your business a powerful new way to work with data. The online search capabilities within Excel helps you to easily find data both indie and outside your business. Users can just enter their search query and within seconds ‘Power Query’ will return a list of all available data sources that match the criteria entered. The user can then simply preview the contents of the data and import the data source directly into Excel.

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Cyber Threats – how managed services can help protect your business from attack

2014 has been dubbed the “year of the breach," by cybersecurity experts. From Sony to Target, Staples to Home Depot — and the list goes on and on — networks were penetrated, data was stolen, and enterprises struggled to deal with the aftershocks.

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Office365 – how cloud services – cloud applications and cloud migration can benefit your business

Cost is often the driving factor when companies make a move to a subscription-based productivity suite such as Microsoft’s Office 365. The ROI is expected to come from a lower-price-per-user and decreased management costs. Depending on the project deployment parameters, a business may also look forward to reduced hardware investments.

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