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Making BYOD Work

The benefits and threats that BYOD present that every business should know about

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is set to become standard business practice for companies of all sizes as more and more users insist on using their own devices. A recent report from Gartner forecasts that half of all companies will require employees to bring their own laptop, phone, tablet, or other electronic device to get their work done. It is also becoming clear that wireless, as opposed to dedicated network connectivity, will be the protocol of choice for many smaller and start-up companies.

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Why Firms Are Turning To Managed Service Providers for Expertise and Business Continuity

Today, more and more customers are taking advantage of cloud economics to cut infrastructure complexities and costs. Cloud deployments can vary from the very simple to the highly complex where applications are split and deployed between HQ and cloud service providers but users still require one seamless interface to authenticate and login to access all their information.

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What is Yammer?

For those of you who are not already familiar with Yammer, it’s an business social networking application developed to work as an internal communication system for organizations and companies (sort of a much more private version of Facebook). Not surprisingly, its functionality in fostering greater collaboration and the developing discussions has made Yammer popular in areas such as project collaboration, discreet communications and the building of internal knowledge base’s.

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