Ethical Hacker: Fighting The Good Fight

Our world has been affected by hacking for a very long time, and it is a huge industry. Organisations use ethical hacking as a method of defending their data from black hat or cybercriminals for legitimate purposes. Every day, we learn of data breaches and ID theft that have an impact on millions of customers. Black hat hacking attacks will become more frequent as we near a time when everything will be digitised. As a result, there is a growing need for certified ethical hackers (CEH).

What Do Ethical Hackers Do?

Ethical hackers use their expertise to safeguard and advance an organisation’s technology. They provide a critical service to these companies by looking for flaws that could lead to a security breach.

The organisation receives a report of the found vulnerabilities by an ethical hacker. They also offer advice on corrective action. The ethical hacker frequently conducts a re-test with the organisation’s approval to make sure the vulnerabilities are completely fixed.

The more sensitive the resource, the better, the malicious hacker hopes to access it without authorisation in order to profit financially or get notoriety. Some malicious hackers disrupt websites or shut down backend systems for amusement, to harm their reputations, or to steal money. Methods employed and vulnerabilities discovered are not publicly disclosed. They don’t care about enhancing the security posture of the firm.

Four Stages of Ethical Hacking

The process of ethical hacking is divided into four main stages:

  1. The focus of the first stage is information collecting, which is done utilising free resources, scanners, and other techniques to learn more about the client’s present security.
  2. The subsequent step is to scan for vulnerabilities using a variety of scanning tests.
  3. The third step entails the use of any discovered vulnerabilities.
  4. The procedure is completed with test analysis when the ethical hacker informs the client of the vulnerabilities and the scope of the attack and explains the methods and resources utilised to carry it out.

Check out our infographic below which takes a further look at ethical hacking and the role of an ethical hacker.

Ethical Hacker: Fighting The Good Fight

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