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What are cloud services?

Cloud services refer to a broad range of services delivered over the internet, providing flexible, scalable, and on-demand access to computing resources. These services eliminate the need for organisations and individuals to invest in physical hardware and infrastructure. Instead, they can leverage the powerful capabilities of remote servers maintained by cloud service providers (CSPs) like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Cloud Services & Solutions Packages

Cloud Partner Selection

Cloud Partner Selection

Infrastructure Review

Infrastructure Review

Cloud Migration Plan

Cloud Migration Plan

Plan Execution

Plan Execution

Management and Support

Management & Support

Cloud Services & Solutions Packages

  • Public Cloud

  • (Mainstream)
  • Public Cloud is the most common type of cloud computing, providing services and infrastructure off-site or over the internet. It’s ideal for companies sharing resources without handling sensitive information.

    – Easy to set up
    – Cost-efficient
    – User-friendly
    – Scalable
    – Easy to add or remove users

  • Private Cloud

  • (Enhanced Security & Control)
  • Private Cloud services are maintained on a private network, ideal for companies handling sensitive information or operating in industries with strict data security requirements.

    – Organisation-specific
    – Dedicated IT environment
    – Processes private data
    – Handles sensitive tasks
    – Customisable for a perfect fit

  • Hybrid Cloud

  • (Mix of Public & Private Cloud)
  • Hybrid Cloud combines public and private services, offering flexibility and peace of mind. Use the public cloud for non-sensitive tasks and the private cloud for sensitive issues.

    – Flexible
    – Tailored to your company’s unique needs
    – Efficient IT delivery for all aspects of your business

What are the Different Types of Cloud Services?

Pick your Cloud Partner

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):

This is the foundational layer of cloud services, offering virtualised computing resources over the internet. IaaS includes virtual machines (VMs), storage, and networking. Users can scale resources up and down as needed, paying only for what they use. Examples include AWS EC2 and Google Compute Engine.

Platform as a Service (PaaS):

PaaS provides a higher level of abstraction, offering development and deployment environments for applications. Developers can build, test, and deploy applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Examples include Microsoft Azure App Service and Google App Engine.

Review Existing Infrastructure

Software as a Service (SaaS):

SaaS delivers software applications over the internet on a subscription basis. Users can access these applications via web browsers, eliminating the need for installation and maintenance. Examples include Google Workspace, Salesforce, and Microsoft Office 365.

Benefits of Cloud Services

  1. Cost Efficiency: Cloud services reduce the need for significant upfront investment in hardware and software. Users pay for what they use, turning capital expenditures into operational expenses.
  2. Scalability: Cloud services can easily scale up or down based on demand, allowing businesses to handle varying workloads without overprovisioning resources.
  3. Flexibility and Accessibility: With cloud services, users can access applications and data from anywhere with an internet connection, enabling remote work and collaboration.
  4. Reliability and Redundancy: Cloud providers offer robust infrastructure with multiple redundancies and failover mechanisms, ensuring high availability and disaster recovery.
  5. Security: Leading CSPs invest heavily in security measures, providing advanced protection for data and applications. They offer features like encryption, identity management, and compliance with regulatory standards.
Executing the Plan
On Going Support and Monitoring

How Cloud Services Work

Cloud services are powered by a network of remote servers hosted in data centres around the world. When a user requests a service, the request is routed to the appropriate server, which processes the request and delivers the desired output over the internet. Here’s a simplified workflow:
User Request: A user interacts with a cloud-based application or service.
Data Transmission: The request is transmitted over the internet to the cloud provider’s data centre.
Processing: The cloud provider’s infrastructure processes the request using the appropriate resources.
Response: The processed data or service output is transmitted back to the user.

Use Cases of Cloud Services

  • Data Storage and Backup: Storing large volumes of data securely and ensuring backups for disaster recovery.
  • Web Hosting: Hosting websites and web applications with the ability to scale based on traffic.
  • Big Data Analytics: Processing and analysing large datasets to derive insights and drive decision-making.
  • Machine Learning and AI: Leveraging powerful computing resources to train and deploy machine learning models.
  • IoT: Connecting and managing Internet of Things (IoT) devices and processing the data they generate.


Use Cases of Cloud Services

Ongoing Cloud Service Support & Monitoring

At ERS IT Solutions, we offer comprehensive support and service-level agreements for all your cloud services. Our team deploys software agents across all devices to continuously monitor critical services, ensuring security and protection.

We proactively monitor your cloud infrastructure to quickly identify and resolve potential issues, often before you even notice them. With ERS as your cloud services partner, you get a purpose-built, resilient solution supported by skilled professionals available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Trusting your cloud services to ERS IT Solutions means peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your core business and fully leverage the potential of cloud technology.

Contact us now to speak to one of our cloud migration specialists about developing the right cloud solution for you.

What Others Say About Our Cloud Services

”…As we are not in the technology business we were apprehensive about change and also wary of systems which we felt could be needlessly complicated. However, after initially meeting with ERS our minds were put at ease.  SharePoint has completely revolutionised the way our company now access, edit and retain information. It has linked our teams across the country in a way that was not possible before. What’s more, we have only touched the surface of the capabilities of this powerful software. I know that ERS, using SharePoint, will be able to design systems and interfaces to help streamline processes and drive efficiencies in our company in the future. Moving our IT support to ERS along with the implementation of SharePoint has been a fantastic decision…”

Mark FlanaganOperations Manager, Communicare Healthcare

“…The Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice provides a space for facilitating action on climate change to empower the poorest people and countries in their efforts to achieve sustainable and people-centred development. We required a secure solution that would enable all staff members, who frequently work away from base, to collaborate and communicate in an effective manner. We engaged the services of ERS to advise us on an appropriate solution and they recommended SharePoint Online which has proved to be an ideal solution to allow us to achieve our objectives. The SharePoint Online deployment has been a great success which allows all staff members’ to collaborate in an efficient manner and I would highly recommend ERS as a professional IT services and support company…”

Celine ClarkeHead of Administration and Communications, Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice (MRFCJ)

“…We were looking for a proactive IT Service and Support provider with the necessary skills to migrate our business to the cloud. We located ERS Computer Solutions within our own business park and invited them to come and present the options available to us. They demonstrated the Exchange Online component of the Microsoft Office365 platform and explained what the other features could bring to our business. Once the project scope was agreed we were assigned an excellent engineer who managed the project diligently through to completion. The migration was performed with the minimum of disruption to our business and I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at ERS to any company in need of first class IT services and support….”

Dermot MoynihaneService Manager, Sword Medical Ltd

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