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Expert Cloud Migration Support for Small to Medium Businesses

Navigating cloud migration can be challenging for many small to medium-sized businesses. Making crucial decisions and objectively evaluating options may seem overwhelming. At ERS IT Solutions, our experts step in to provide the guidance you need. Trust us to make your cloud migration seamless and successful. Contact us today!

What Cloud Solution?

What Cloud Solution is the right fit for my business?

ERS can help you navigate the confusing Cloud landscape and arrive at a Cloud Solution that is the right fit for your unique business requirements.

Cloud computing can be broken down into 3 categories:

Public Cloud;

Private Cloud;

Hybrid Cloud.

We will help you determine the right Cloud solution for your unique requirements based on the level of security and management required.

Cloud services: What’s involved in migration?

Cloud Partner Selection

Cloud Partner Selection

Infrastructure Review

Infrastructure Review

Cloud Migration Plan

Cloud Migration Plan

Plan Execution

Plan Execution

Management and Support

Management & Support

Cloud Services & Solutions Packages

  • Public Cloud
  • (Mainstream)
  • Public Cloud is the most commonly used and straight forward type of cloud computing. It is essentially a cloud service where services and infrastructure are provided off-site or over the internet. This is the perfect choice for companies who want to share resources but are not dealing in sensitive information.

    – Easy to set up;
    – Most cost efficient;
    – Easy to use and access;
    – Offers scalability; and
    – Easy to add or drop users.

  • Private Cloud
  • (Enhanced Security & Control)
  • Private Cloud services are maintained on a private network and are required by companies who are dealing with sensitive information or if your business operates in an industry which must conform to strict security and control of data. Perfect choice if your company or organisation requires enhanced security.

    – Organisation specific;
    – Companies that require their own IT environment;
    – Process private data;
    – Carry out sensitive tasks; and
    – Customisable and perfect fit.

  • Hybrid Cloud
  • (Mix of Public & Private Cloud)
  • The Hybrid Cloud offers the best of both worlds combining the use of both public and private offerings. Companies using a hybrid Cloud will use the public cloud for non-sensitive issues taking advantage of ease of use and access and employ a private cloud for more sensitive issues giving you flexibility and peace of mind.

    – Flexibility;
    – Tailored to your individual and unique company requirements; and
    – IT is delivered in the most efficient way possible for every aspect of your business.

Choose the Right Cloud Services Partner for Your Business

Pick your Cloud Partner

In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, the realm of cloud services has rapidly expanded, offering businesses a plethora of options to migrate their IT infrastructure. However, for many small to medium-sized businesses, navigating this complex decision-making process can be daunting and overwhelming.
Selecting the appropriate cloud strategy requires expertise and objectivity to balance the advantages, such as flexibility, scalability, and cost savings, against the challenges, including security risks and management complexities. Moreover, understanding the available cloud tools, potential obstacles, and where to begin can be challenging.

The crucial first step in your cloud migration journey is to partner with a trusted cloud IT provider who possesses the necessary expertise and credentials. This partner will guide you through the array of cloud offerings and help you make informed choices tailored to your specific business needs.

Evaluate Your Existing Cloud Infrastructure with ERS

At ERS, our team of cloud migration specialists has successfully assisted numerous businesses in seamlessly transitioning their infrastructure to the cloud. Our process encompasses everything from crafting the initial cloud migration plan to overseeing and managing the fully transitioned cloud environment. Working closely with business owners, we thoroughly review their current infrastructure investments, including hardware, application portfolios, and network architecture, to assess the potential benefits of a cloud migration. The outcome of this evaluation is a comprehensive analysis plan that equips business owners with the necessary insights for making well-informed decisions.

Our analysis addresses both technical aspects, like assessing application performance in the cloud, as well as non-technical budgetary concerns, such as cost-effectiveness relative to existing infrastructure investments. As part of this process, we meticulously review all current business applications to determine their suitability for migration to the cloud. While compatibility typically poses no major issues for modern applications running on up-to-date operating systems, we pay close attention to the entirety of the client’s IT environment. Even when provisioning a cloud server with abundant compute power and memory resources, potential bottlenecks may arise due to insufficiently resilient internet bandwidth. Identifying and resolving such issues is crucial to ensure optimal application performance.

Review Existing Infrastructure

Create a Comprehensive Cloud Migration Plan

Develop the Migration Plan

After completing the review phase, the next critical step is to develop a robust migration plan for your cloud solution. Moving enterprise data and applications to the cloud requires careful planning and coordination to ensure a smooth transition. It is essential to ensure that everyone within the organisation is aligned with the plan and understands their roles in the process.

A key aspect of the migration plan is governance. With data residing in the public cloud, data control and security responsibilities shift to the cloud providers. Organisations need to adapt their governance strategies to rely less on internal security measures and more on the offerings provided by the chosen cloud provider. Additionally, verifying that the cloud provider’s certifications are up-to-date is vital for ensuring compliance and data protection.

In conjunction with considering business data, costs, security, and the challenges involved in cloud migration, your IT cloud partner must also determine the appropriate migration timeframes for moving the business data and applications. While some partners may opt for a complete “lift and shift” migration, it can be more effective and less risky to break the migration down by workload, starting with less critical applications first. Moreover, the plan should address the handling of any remaining on-premises technology, with the possibility of repurposing hardware to maximise its utility.

Executing the Cloud Solution Plan

Once the migration plan is finalised, the next step is to establish an agreed-upon schedule with the business owners and assemble a migration team for the project. The migration team should consist of a systems architect responsible for evaluating server hardware and network design, as well as a cloud architect handling infrastructure as a service, software as a service (SaaS), and platform as a service requirements.

The team will collaboratively create a migration timeline in consultation with business stakeholders to minimise any impact on day-to-day operations. A designated project manager will oversee the migration team and maintain open communication with the business owner to promptly address any issues that may arise during the migration process.

Executing the Plan

Ongoing Cloud Service Support & Monitoring

On Going Support and Monitoring

At ERS IT Solutions, we go beyond the migration process to provide comprehensive support and service-level agreements for every cloud migration we undertake. Our implementation team deploys software agents across all devices, enabling continuous monitoring of critical services and ensuring the security and protection of every device.
By proactively monitoring the cloud infrastructure, our team can swiftly identify and address any potential issues, often resolving them before customers are even aware of them. With ERS as your cloud services partner, you can rest assured that the solution you’ve chosen is purpose-built, resilient, and backed by skilled professionals available 24/7, 365 days a year.

By entrusting your cloud migration to ERS IT Solutions, you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your cloud solution is in capable hands, allowing you to focus on your core business and achieve the full potential of cloud technology.

Contact us now to speak to one of our cloud migration specialists about developing the right cloud solution for you.

What Others Say About Our Cloud Services

”…As we are not in the technology business we were apprehensive about change and also wary of systems which we felt could be needlessly complicated. However, after initially meeting with ERS our minds were put at ease.  SharePoint has completely revolutionised the way our company now access, edit and retain information. It has linked our teams across the country in a way that was not possible before. What’s more, we have only touched the surface of the capabilities of this powerful software. I know that ERS, using SharePoint, will be able to design systems and interfaces to help streamline processes and drive efficiencies in our company in the future. Moving our IT support to ERS along with the implementation of SharePoint has been a fantastic decision…”

Mark FlanaganOperations Manager, Communicare Healthcare

“…The Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice provides a space for facilitating action on climate change to empower the poorest people and countries in their efforts to achieve sustainable and people-centred development. We required a secure solution that would enable all staff members, who frequently work away from base, to collaborate and communicate in an effective manner. We engaged the services of ERS to advise us on an appropriate solution and they recommended SharePoint Online which has proved to be an ideal solution to allow us to achieve our objectives. The SharePoint Online deployment has been a great success which allows all staff members’ to collaborate in an efficient manner and I would highly recommend ERS as a professional IT services and support company…”

Celine ClarkeHead of Administration and Communications, Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice (MRFCJ)

“…We were looking for a proactive IT Service and Support provider with the necessary skills to migrate our business to the cloud. We located ERS Computer Solutions within our own business park and invited them to come and present the options available to us. They demonstrated the Exchange Online component of the Microsoft Office365 platform and explained what the other features could bring to our business. Once the project scope was agreed we were assigned an excellent engineer who managed the project diligently through to completion. The migration was performed with the minimum of disruption to our business and I would have no hesitation in recommending the team at ERS to any company in need of first class IT services and support….”

Dermot MoynihaneService Manager, Sword Medical Ltd

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